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remember that one day where ashton wore that denim shirt over that dark gray shirt and his hair was super curly god he looked so good i live for that day


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Harry is such a special child.

But you know what my absolute favorite thing about this is? They indulge him. Both Niall and Louis wait till he’s got the damn balloon animal down the stairs. 

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Louis’ moans are more throaty: whining, whimpering, high pitched sounds and such

While Harry’s are more guttural: deep ugh’s and such

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me: eats a snack while making a snack
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Irked fans produce fanfic like irritated oysters produce pearls. —

Jacqueline Lichtenberg in Fic by Anne Jamison (via treizquatorz)

Love it.

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Yesterday: horny
Today: horny
Tomorrow: horny
Next week: horny
Next month: horny
Apocalypse: horny
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Anonymous whispered: I feel like the HL backlash is getting so strong lately, and with such weak arguments? I don't mean to offend anyone I just never see anything compelling it's always nitpicking and calling people delusional even though clearly we have different POVs and things like this (the tan) fits our narrative pretty well; and considering no one knows the truth why not let people believe what they want? I mean I'd also argue that the HL shippers' arguments at least depend on previous events and facts but..


That’s the thing. We look at everything together, people who come here to bitch, nitpick and argue every little thing separate the evidence. Like, just taking this last week as an example:

  • Harry didn’t take off the bracelet because he forgot/he’s polite/didn’t have a scissor (?).
  • Louis is tanned because it was hot in the UK (it’s the summer…? it was hot before too…???).
  • Harry disappeared and took four pictures in three days because…? I haven’t seen an explanation on this yet.
  • Jay uploaded that few days old picture of Louis with Ernest on his account while she was on her honeymoon followed by two tweets written by Louis himself because…? Still, no explanation on this.
  • A few hours after a thousand pictures of Harry started popping up (something that hadn’t happened since Tuesday, and that was an arranged pap shot, with fans it was the day before), Louis reappeared in a Rovers game just like he did TWICE during winter break with HQs… explanation?

They don’t put everything together, they don’t join it with what’s been happening in the past month or even years (how right when the break started Louis stayed in Portugal for the Rovers thing and Harry was doing fanservice every day -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday-, Thursday night he goes out, doesn’t drink, hangs out with friends but spends the whole night glued to his phone and leaves at 1 AM when the party was just starting… Friday we get a ton of pictures of Louis… in the UK, Harry’s completely silent, they’re both MIA and reappear at the wedding). And this isn’t happening with, say, Louis and Zayn, or Harry and Niall, this is happening with two people who have a history of coincidences and inconsistencies with the narrative they try (and fail) to pull.

Yeah, trying to come up with excuses to explain every little thing must be so exhausting, they need like a thousand to explain everything, yet, we’re the ones called delusional because we are able to join the dots and come with a conclusion.

And I completely agree, these people are more and more aggressive each passing event and their arguments are getting weaker every time.

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#wow louis is shining bright while his boys surround him #this isn’t like a huge metaphor for their lives or anything
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